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  • Live Fire BBQ


    In 2020, when the country was being severely affected by Covid, Chef Greg experienced the loss of his job as a GM/Chef, marking the first time in his 33-year career that he found himself unemployed. Shortly afterward, he contracted the virus and spent a significant amount of time in isolation, giving him ample opportunity to contemplate his future steps.


    During this period, he began reflecting on his childhood memories of food, particularly those associated with the 4th of July. These memories revolved around his grandfather's tradition of slow-smoking a whole hog over hardwood on July 3rd, using simple ingredients and a homemade "mop sauce." The occasion would be marked by the grandkids staying up late to watch fireworks, while the adults played cards and pitched horseshoes. On the 4th of July, the entire family would express gratitude and celebrate the birth of the nation, enjoying delicious country-style side dishes alongside the best smoked meat in town.


    It was from this cherished memory that the concept of Live Fire BBQ took root. Inspired by the idea, Greg approached his highly talented friend and fellow chef of 20 years, Chris Neal. Together, they had previously collaborated with numerous award-winning chefs, preparing them for their own culinary ventures. With their shared passion for achieving "Smoked Perfection," they embarked on this new adventure as business partners, bringing their vision to life.



    "Smoked Perfection!" - Don't Believe Us?

    Here are some kind words from our lovely guests.

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    "Best Brisket and Sides I Have Ever Eaten!"

    - A Facebook Fan


    " Best food at our annual Spring picnic that we have ever had"

    - A parent comment from one of our private school clients.

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    "These guys are taking BBQ to a whole new level in Nashville! I can't believe this came from a food truck"

    - A Mule Day Festival Patron
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    "Our employee's get so excited when Live Fire BBQ shows up! The Fried Pickles, Ribs, and Brisket are amazing and don't get me started on the side dishes!" 

    - A great corporate client.


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